Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On Thanksgiving & Piggery

I tend to like the word 'Piggery'-however, it is what got me into trouble on the first place. I have a lot to be thankful for -- one of the things was the allergy medicine I just learned I have to take. It makes me sleepy but guess what? The vet said I need an extra 1/4 cup of food a day when taking the medicine - I now have a new found appreciation for my vet -- which I am thankful for as well!

I am thankful for my sister Daisy... my brother Weezy, mom & dad and of course food - in all it's glory and insistence that I eat it! The picture there is of Daisy wearing her bandana.

Getting back to the vet - she says that if it is not the air outside/ragweed/mold it just might be certain foods. We are still in the discovery stage so it may take a while. In the meantime, she said I need to lose a pound -- and for a Chihuahua like me - 1lb is like 20 on a human!

So what if I stole a bite of pizza or that slimy rigatoni? I steal carrots and broccoli too you know! Now I am paying for it by having itchy paws and eyes.

...just 20 more days of medicine left - I wonder if they will take my extra daily plate of food once I am through?

I wrote a Thanksgiving poem just for you...
Piggery, diggery, dog...
The turkey was so good!
I snacked 'til eight, my belly was sate
I can't help it - I'm a lover of food!
Piggery, diggery, dog - I need to go for a jog,
I ate all five, a silly canine - and now I sleep like a log!


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  2. omg! this dog is so damn cute. There is a depth in his eyes. i love his way of lookiing. Its more than beautiful. Thankyou for sharing this post.


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