Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Do You Bite?

On a recent shopping trip, a stranger stuck her hand in my carrier and started to try and touch my ear while asking - "Do you bite?"

A co-worker approached telling her - "You don't go and stick your hand in a dog's face and THEN ask if it bites-- that's a good way to find out."

Luckily for her - I wasn't hungry that day - woof! woof! woof!

I was thinking about this - and trust. One can tell those who are 'dog people' and those that are not. Dog people will approach most dogs trustingly in hopes that their dog-loving aura will be detected by said dog and dog says "This one is a friend - not foe - proceed."

But then even I have been accosted by seemingly innocent canine companions. Thinking - they are my friend and whoops - their Elvis-like snarl takes over!

I have never bitten anyone - regardless of my mood. I think most people carry food with them - in their pockets - in their purses - sometimes right on their hands -- and why ruin my chances?

Next time someone asks, "do you bite?" I will reply - "Yes, I bite, I bite food - do you have any?"



  1. Little Piranha, you have learned, as some humans have learned, that some people have moronic tendencies. Oops, did I write that? Why yes I did. Don't hold it against us as a whole.

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