Monday, April 26, 2010


I know what you're thinking. "Hey Piranha - you've got this funny blog and you haven't added anything funny in a while."
You have a point, I have not because I've been lazy.
That's right - LAAAA-ZEEEE.
I have been maximizing my outdoors time and it's wearing me out. I learned a new trick - and that is to run around the backyard continuously as I am being chased. I can tell I've gained at least 1lb this winter. Lucky for me we are going to be doing a 5k very soon which will help me keep my round and furry figure. Sure, a pudgy, tubby chihuahua is not necessarily what everyone wants. In fact, someone recently said NO WAY I could be a chihuahua being this big! PHOOEY! They just have never seen a big boned chihuahua with a few extra winter pounds. In any case, I have nothing to prove. I've seen a lot of starving chihuahuas whose hind legs and belly sink into their thighs - they don't look robust or lovable, they look like if you hug them, you might break their bones! But I digress... I understand that I need to get in shape - I am walking more (a big plus), treats have been cut down (yay, carrots!) and playtime in the yard has increased by 80% - all good factors to chihuahua weight loss. I will still be huggable, lovable and adorable - every single day -WOOF!


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