Wednesday, December 31, 2014

WW: Happy, Happy New Year 2015!

Wishing you a nice, warm and cozy, healthy, peaceful, blessed Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Orland Park Prairie Library Surprise Photo

Doing a little library digging this morning I found this photo of me on the internet. I recall there was a photographer a the Orland Park Prairie library  (click to read more) - but didn't realize it had been published. Pretty cool!  Looks like I was pretty pensive or focused! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WW: Piranha & The Hospital Christmas Tree

Here is the beautifully majestic Christmas tree from Silver Cross Hospital where I volunteer doing dog assisted therapy.  The tree is a pretty purple, green and sparkly silver.  
Can you find me in this picture?
There I am!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Modeling in Sophisticated Pup's Holiday Gift Guide

Check me out in Sophisticated Pup's 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.  Lots of beautiful pieces for your canine companion to wear during the holidays!  Click on the photos to enlarge and get a closer look. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

What's In the Box?

Very excited!  
Got this big box in the mail with SP on the outside and was told it was for me!   
What could it be?  
 I know -- maybe I am supposed to climb in the box!
 Heh, heh, maybe not...  help!
 Ohhh... looks like some goodies from my favorite doggie wear - Sophisticated Pup!
 And in my favorite color no less - light gray with yellow dots! 
A harness, leash and bow tie collar! PAWSOME!
 Love it!  I am already dreaming of hot sunny days - WOOF!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WW: Free DogTv & Sneak Peek!

Free DogTV during Thanksgiving Week!

DogTV is free  - plenty of opportunity to check out all the excellent programs geared towards dogs.  Grateful for DogTV's mission to keep dogs entertained, happy and healthy!

I also had opportunity to see their sneak preview video for Dogsgiving on DOGTV - find me at :38... I am also on two other seconds or so  (goes by quickly) - can you find me?

Post by DOGTV.

Monday, November 24, 2014

About Thanksgiving

Looking forward to Thanksgiving in a few days.  Thinking about folks in nursing homes that can use a short visit and small conversation.  If you are looking for things to do this week - even for just a little while - think about visiting a nursing home and just having a chat with the residents.  Sometimes a little conversation will just make their day.  A lot of them don't have families who visit and are grateful for your time.  Contact local nursing homes to see who has activities or are in need of a visit or two. Sometimes you can even bring your dog to lift their mood - just ask.  WOOF!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Letter

My recent visit to Hines VA allowed me to see one vet who was nearing end of life. I was told that the gentleman's biggest happiness he had in life was a little dog. One of his last wishes was to spend time with one. And so it was that when we went to visit the VA for a group in the activity center we had a special request.  We did not know about this man prior to arriving.  The veteran was happy beyond words and it was clear that visiting him brought him great joy, and us leaving left him much sadness. We received a letter this week informing us that he passed the day after my visit. That my visit brought him great happiness and was an important and uplifting experience for him. So very kind of them to write me, I am touched beyond words. I will never forget him.

 Until we meet again someday... find a good spot in the sun and let it warm your face. I'll be thinking of you when I look up and let it warm mine


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

WW: Getting Fit with ReelPaws, K9 Fit Club and DogTv

We were called upon ReelPaws Productions to film some pilot episodes for K9 Fit Club which will air on DogTv.  ReelPaws Production is a Chicago based production company who specializes in filming animals for videos, television, advertising and marketing materials.   K9 Fit Club  focuses on pet and human partner fitness to help both dogs and their owners lose weight and stay fit.  I was excited to have been included in this project and as DogTv subscriber am looking forward in seeing this program happen because I think it will encourage fitness in dogs and their owners.  My Momma used to be a fitness trainer many moons ago and feels that it will also encourage her and her friends to work out with their doggies.  Plus, we've recently learned that K9 Tailshakers  has started a K9 Fit Club within their facility - we are excited because this is the facility where our Chihuahua group meets on a monthly basis - how cool is that?   

Check out all the cool photos taken of us.  
Michael (left, in red top) is a certified trainer and held me for the third episode.
Penny Warring (right, in blue top) is the COO of K9 Fit Club. 

Joanie, (left) worked with me on the fourth episode.
Tricia Montgomery (middle, in red) is the founder of K9 Fit Club.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WW: Halloween Pizza Pawrty & PAWS Collection

We organized a Chihuahua Pizza Pawrty and collection for PAWS in Tinley Park. 

My beautiful friend Pita won the costume contest as bat-girl!
 My friend Pita the Chihuahua brought this pawsome doggie Halloween cake!
We collected several dollars and lots of much needed items for the shelter.  
So pawsome to know that there are so many people who care! 
We had 23 Chihuahuas participate alone! Check out some of the photos here:

 Can you guess what I dressed up as?  
Let's just say I took off the hat because it did not have much "a-peel" with my ears - WOOF

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Importance Of Leaving a Trail of Sunshine...

One of the most important jobs for a therapy dog to do is to make a therapy visit a positive one.  When I visit, I am often asked to sit by someone, or on their lap, or their bed or on a barrier.  A lot of times I just give a high five if I am not able to sit with them (or they don't want me to).  As far as the rest of the family, just a shake of the paw or a high five will do. But something happens when I visit.  People want to share things with me.  Their condition, what they are going through.  Their illness, outcome, or visits they have or not received from family or how much they miss their dog or long gone family pet or the dread of another doctor or nurse interrupting rest for more tests. People share a lot with me.  I promptly choose to forget those things and keep my mouth shut or close my ears in order to respect their privacy (and of course, the law).  But something I cannot ever, never forget - are their tears.  Tears are what bring me there.  The happy ones, the sad ones, the all telling ones that need no words. They are the reason that during some visits I am so overwhelmed with a hopeless warm good feeling  and wonderment.  The touches and extra scratch behind my ears, are there to thank me.   But I thank them, because they have reminded me once again that life can be short and fleeting, and that enjoying every bit of it while here and making the best of it is what it is about.  Too short to be worried about what everyone is doing or not or any of that mundane stuff that is small but becomes a tempest in a teacup because we make it so.  All those little things are soon forgotten when the road is narrowing and one is weak.  And then one thinks, why not just enjoy it, take it in, and breathe.  See where it leads me? There are days when we go about town and Momma would look at the clear skies with fluffy clouds and say this quote from the bible - which goes something like this (more or less) "...this is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it."  And I understand that.  One does not have to 'believe' to understand that loving life and enjoying it and being glad for every nicety and every little good thing that comes our way leaves a further trail of happiness in our lives.  And so, those tears of joy to see me - if not for just a few moments of happiness for the person who is ill, for their family - it means the world to me. And enough to keep me happy and smiling that I could bring this little ray of sunshine, this little tiny bit of blue sky with fluffy clouds in someones life.
Enjoying the sunshine on my belly!
Though a previously published photo of me - it makes perfect sense.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

My New Friend JoJo...

It was nice meeting you today...thanks for scratching behind my ears...

Time for me to take a nap!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WW: Piranha In American Dog Media Magazine

I am in the October 2014 issue of American Dog Media Magazine's Famous Dogs with Friends on Facebook pages!  Very cool - WOOF WOOF WOOF!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

No Words: Dr. Sophia Yin

Last night I learned the very sad news that the well loved animal behavior expert and veterinarian Dr. Sophia Yin had passed away.  She was truly a hero to me and all animals.  There are no words. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lump Watch - Part 2

Very nervous time around here...

My lump grew to five times it size and my tail somehow became wider. Went back to see the vet and they did a cytology test on the area.  After 2.5 days I finally received results that (thank God!) it was not cancerous. We learned the cells showed a lot of inflammation and I was given a topical spray. I also was told to put cool towels in the area in hopes that the swelling will go down. 

One thing I want to mention - VERY IMPORTANT: The doctors placed a bandage around my entire tail to contain the blood, etc. Unfortunately, the very adhesive portion of the bandage was taped by the bare portion of my tail underneath.  That's right, next to my behind.  So, when Momma and Daddy tried to remove it, I yelped quite loudly. Sadly, that was two++ inches of tape in the area and -- not to mention -- my entire tail.  Quite painful. 

Daddy spent a lot of time cutting around the tape and several portions were stuck... two types of tape were used - the non stick bandage and actual bandage tape on the tip and near my hind area.  Oooh the agony!  After cutting around and me being stressed over it for 1/2 hour whilst they tried to remove it - Momma had a revelation -- Baby Oil!  

That's right!  She bathed my ENTIRE tail in Johnson's Baby Oil (I'm so thankful!) and within seconds, the bandage tape just slid right off my skin and the rest of my tail. I was a little red and sore from before, but now happy! we know!  Good tip if this happens to you or perhaps if a band aid is used on your own skin. 

Now if only my tail would go back to normal... still waiting... stay tuned!

WW: Tinley Park's 1st Annual Pet Parade

Getting ready at spot #17
Almost ready to march -- right by the marching band - lucky us!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tail Waggin' Tutors - Reading Program in October

The Paws to Read program has sadly finished for the year.  It was such great fun and I met so many people - so sad to see it end!  As you may recall from a post a few months ago on the therapy dog visits:   Therapy Dog Visits
Making a new friend at New Lenox Public Library earlier this summer.
This photo was featured in the New Lenox Patriot newspaper!
We were able to visit several new libraries and now we're hoping the libraries will consider more therapy dog visits throughout the year.  Just this past week I met Matthew (Hi Matthew - woof! woof!) at Acorn Public Library in Oak Forest.  We had great fun napping listening while children read to us some wonderful books.  A lot of them were about dogs!  Next month will be a very exciting month because we get to wear Halloween costumes!  My friend Pita the Princess Chihuahua will be joining me and Birdie Girl to read with kids.  Pita recently earned her reading with kids certification from Sit Stay Read - it will be great fun having her join us. Call the libraries to schedule a time to read!

Saturday, October 11, 2014 New Lenox Library

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 Crestwood Library 

Thursday, October 30, 2014 Acorn Public Library

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WW: My New Yellow Bow Tie!

 Got this new bow tie and collar from Sophisticated Pup in my favorite color - yellow!

Does this bow make me look tough?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Vet Visit & Lump Watch

Last week I had the great misfortune that my Momma found a dry, flaky, yellow substance on my back.   Then she continued to examine my body for more.  And lo and behold, she found a suspicious lump on top of my tail.    This of course, put me in a pickle  -  because now she thought every horrible thing possible.  Lucky for me, it was too late in the evening to go to the doctor right then.  However, Momma clearly stated that she was taking me to  Midwest Animal Hospital during lunchtime the next day and getting my scootin' behind done as well (lucky me, not!). Ugh.   Let's just say I was none too happy during the visit - can you tell?... (clearly refusing to look at Momma or her pesky camera)...
In the waiting room... someone appears to have left an old receipt on the seat... 
pick up after yourselves, people!
First thing they do around here is check one's weight... hmph!
It appears (they claim) I have gone from 8.7 to 9.5lbs - I demand a recheck! Who's in charge around here?
Hangin' on tight.  Not looking forward to this.  Momma makes me look at the house parrot.
House Parrot keeps saying 'Hello'  or I think he really means, "Hell No!" 
Dr. Geisler carefully inspects the area where Momma found the yellow flaky substance.. 
Dr. Geisler was very gentle  with me, I barely felt a thing (though I was still a little nervous). 
Close-up of  lump location, top of tail...
See that table? Those are my paw prints from being all nervous.  
(I was taken away for a moment to clear up the scootin' itch.)
Dr. Geisler explains that the flaky areas may be due to my allergies (dermatitis) and advises us to take a specified chihuahua sized dose of Benadryl.  Follow that with a gentle oatmeal bath to help clear things up.  She also indicated the lump on the tail maybe due to an irritation.  At this time we can take an antibiotic she's prescribing to help clear it up.  In the meantime, we will keep an eye on the lump to ensure it does not grow.  But she thinks it will not, and the small swell will go away.   Thanks for being so kind and gentle with me Dr. Geisler!


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