Tuesday, May 24, 2011

P.A.W.S. Walk for Homeless Animals

Did the PAWS walk for Homeless Animals in Tinley Park on Sunday. Walked the entire time. Someone told me it was 1.5 miles ++ I think they lied. Felt more like 10!

My tiny little paws are tired... sooo tired...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

White Sox Game

We went to the White Sox game last night and it was really chilly. I was shaking almost the whole time until the bratwurst arrived. Wha? Bratwurst?! YUM! People puhleeze. I did not eat the whole thing. Just tiny pieces of the ends - delish!

I had so much fun. Food. Baseball. Food. Food. Baseball. Food.

Except, except for a big white/yellow dog behind me who kept trying to sneak his head by mine looking for food. Her name was Paisley. Anyway, Paisley proceeded to smack her tail all over the place and sniff around looking for food. Then she tried to pretend she was little like me by trying to lay on her parents laps. I would not have felt so bad had she not stuck her nose near my ears so many times. Anyway, the game was fun. I got to go around the field and walk the doggie parade. Got some nice little gifts from Hills Science Diet and Nature's Recipe. People kept stopping to take pictures (not mine - my humans forgot to bring a camera!). Doesn't matter to me, I just wanted to go back to my seat to see the Sox win! Sox WIN!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

AY AY AY.... SOY FAMOSO! (I am famous!)

I was called upon to be videotaped for a dog's boutique in California and being the little ham that I am, how could I say No? WOOF! Check me out in the video - I'm wearing a sombrero and serape - dancing, spinning, eating, er, playing guitar, I am the mariachi band. I have been cloned! I cannot wait to check out their online boutique once it's ready! I love to shop. www.anythingcanine.com/News.aspx
Let it be known that I received payment in fresh chicken throughout the 1++ hour shoot! Afterwards I had a chihuahua 5 de Mayo meetup at K9 Tailshakers! We had a great time and ate a few bites of corn tortillas. Below are some photos of my friends and me wearing my outfit!

I Love The New Sr. Center!

3 weeks ago I visited a new senior rehabiliation center in Country Club Hills. It was one of the funnest times I've had. A lot of the residents wanted to hold me and when I sat on his lap he scratched my ear for a really, really long time. I was trying to stay alert but kept getting kind of sleepy. I have a job to do, after all! I would add pictures but due to privacy issues and laws - something about hippos - I am not allowed to have my picture taken with the residents for distribution. That is ok - it wasn't my best look day anyway - I was not wearing a bow tie!



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