Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Thank You Oz The Terrier's Mama

A great big thanks to great and powerful  Oz the Terrier's Mama  for helping fix a problem I've had with my blog the past three weeks.   We were besides ourselves trying to solve the issue and we reached out to them because we learned through Blogpaws that they were helpful experts!  Lo and behold  within minutes we were back to sharing with the world.  We are forever grateful!   We're sending big woofs and many thanks your way Gina Caballero!


Sunday, August 16, 2015

It Took Me A While To Write This...

Sadly, my friend and playmate, Weasel has passed away.  He was only 15 years old.  In the past year he was sleeping a lot more than ever.  But at times still wanted to play each chance he could, we would play, but not so much noticing that afterwards he would walk a lot slower.  Weasel would sleep so deeply, we often had to nudge him awake.  He would bark at nothing at times seemingly because he could not hear.  We would have to signal to him to come in or touch him so that he could follow us.  Weasel only seemed to slow down more and not eat as much, but not  stopping completely like our other dogs.  The Friday before he passed was like any other, he went outside, enjoyed the sunshine and did not want to eat.  We picked up some things he loved, hamburger and hot dog  - and he ate it all!  The next day we added water to his food and he ate most of it.  Back to normal, we thought.  In the past year, some people we spoke to told us that we should put him down because he was so old.  That he was suffering.  That there was no reason to let him 'go on' like this.  To some people, seeing an animal they've loved and cared for age is painful, and perhaps they themselves suffer to see their beloved pet not be so young anymore or playful.  Maybe they are really projecting and putting an animal down would end their own suffering - but they would never say that.  Taking longer to walk, get up, go out or play or all those things that signal 'old age.' Everyone takes care of their pets the best they know how, and for us, we believe in letting a pet live out their life fully through old age. The only exception to this would be if they had been severely injured beyond hope.  We don't want to choose.  Who is to say an animal is suffering from being old -- something that occurs naturally?  There are a lot of people who go to the vet to end their pet's 'suffering.'  In our eyes, it  does not seem right for a pet  to go to a place they absolutely hated as the last place they go.  Though not for everyone, we believe a pet should pass at home, surrounded by those who loved him, with their things, their bedding, their warm comforts and sounds of their family and home.  This to us is dying peacefully, without pain and suffering.  Just like Weasel did, in his bed while sleeping.  We miss him immensely.



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