Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sitting On My Tail

As a small therapy dog I often have opportunity to sit on people's laps or on their beds.  Often, I take photos on sofas, chairs, laps, pillows and counter tops.  Besides daily complete hygiene, I have to make sure I don't transfer anything to any surface.  So I have been taught to sit on my tail.  It provides a cushion and keeps things 'clean.'  I usually do it automatically though sometimes I miss and have to be reminded.

When my Momma was taking classes on therapy, she learned there were stringent policies on keeping things sanitized and clean.  There are rules that patients must sanitize their hands before and after touching a therapy dog (even if the dog is clean).  They are also required to wear separate barrier from patient to patient.  From this, we gathered that we do a lot of other activities and accept requests that require me to sit on different surfaces.  So it made sense when I sat on my tail by accident (like a lazy side sit) she would praise me and call it - 'tuck your tail' - as in, tuck my tail underneath me so that I can sit on it.  Sometimes I fold it underneath me, sometimes I tilt it on its side, other times, just side saddle sit.   

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WW: Piranha Saved By Lifeguards!

Nice, smiling, carrot orange wearing happy people.  I am glad I found them to take this picture!  Thanks Rainbow Falls life guards for keeping us all safe!
Let it be known that although I look a little crabby, it is only because it was the end of a long day working and I was hungry.  These nice lifeguards were kind enough to wear carrot orange to bring me some comfort.   They must  have known I was starving and this gentle reminder provided the resuscitation I needed to get through until dinner later that evening.  They saved my life!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Piranha In A Swimming Pool

6th Annual Chihuahua Pool Party

Had some fun with friends at my 6th Annual Chihuahua pool party. Glad the weather cooperated as I was able to get a little pool time in.  See if you can find the picture of me running away after getting dunked. It was fun hiding in different spots around the party from my Momma - can you find all the places where I hid?

I had to jump in first to encourage others to join in... 
I was going to jump out but Momma encouraged me to stay and pose... 
Did someone say carrots?  "CHEESEEEEE"
Had enough of this... 
I'm out - can you find me?
Feeling re-energized after hitting the pool... can you see me in the photo?
Momma hates when I do this...
Heh, heh,..
Capturing every scent!
Scouting for treats...
Can you find me?
Shh!  I think Momma wants to put me in the pool again... she won't find me here...
Fool!  (I took the carrots and ran - ha!)

Checking to see if I dropped anything... 
Someone was giving away treats... obviously!
Found her - it's Boris, Belle and Annie's Mom - she loves to give away treats!
It was a great party - glad everyone was able to come out and play.  Now time for a nap!


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