Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WW: Quiet on Set!

Sneak Peek filming a commercial with my friend Millie (the Boston) and some new ones  - Ozzie and Charlie - in the Chicago area.  The funnest part about filming is all the treats a little dog like me can enjoy.  For this I got to eat bananas and carrots - yum!   You know me, it's all about the food - WOOF!

Photo Credit - From Reelpaws Facebook posting.

One of the gentlemen from Reelpaws Productions who was doing the filming  

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Piranha Devours Carrot on WCIU TV, Channel 26!

We were not planning to post this as we thought they stopped running the commercial at the end of November.  However, we've been getting calls and emails that the commercial is still around, so why not share?   What's funny is that I was caught in the middle of eating a carrot during the spot (so much for the Blogpaws Blog Hop Winter Shape up!). If you notice, there is a tiny, itty, bitty little piece of carrot on the floor in front of me and I was struggling to get it (perhaps that can be considered exercise?).  It was a fun day and I met some very nice people who filmed the spot at the studio.  I did a similar spot for them back in 2012 - and that time they had me run across the screen.  This time they asked me to lie down (reaching for carrots and chewing is quite the workout!).  Very cool to see that it is still running  - although we've only seen it once so far since November!

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