Saturday, July 28, 2012

Vacationing in Marco Island

View from the room balcony.  I really wish we had taken more photos but since we'd been here before we just took it easy on the photos.  I will post some photos of our previous visit here too. 

Love the Beach!

Nice picture of the sun going down... 

View from the Snook Inn restaurant

We stopped to visit Sarasota one day... 

When just one photo is not enough!

Can you see me in the picture? 
I was really trying to take a picture of the pelican... 

View from the balcony at night overlooking the pool

WHAT A DAY! Wear a Dress, Go on TV & Meet Teresa Giudice and Jonathon Brandmeier!

I had a great opportunity presented me where I was asked to model an outfit on NBC Channel 5. I was really thrilled to arrive at NBC studios but as we were on the lower level we had a hard time finding the door. We finally bumped into a nice woman who was standing outside the studio back doors, and she happened to be the producer for the Brandmeier show. I shook her paw and she told me they were waiting upstairs and she would guide me through. She asked if she could hold me (who am I to say no?) and took me through security and through a maze down the main elevators.   WoW - Check out the video here: They took me into a conference room where several other doggies were already getting fitted for the outfits. I introduced myself and shook everyone's paws and then they began to dig for my outfit to wear. Uh! OH! the owner of Sophisticated Pup indicated she had forgotten I was a boy and did not bring a specific boy outfit... as that was already taken and she wanted to showcase an outfit she had created for Tori Spelling's dog! And - it was a dress. Well, I am an equal opportunity dresser who embraces his feminine side - who am I to say no?
Here I am waiting in the conference room... 
They asked me to smile for the camera
Waiting in the hallway in the studio... 
The view from inside the studio as we wait to go on... 
Jonathon Brandmeier interviewing Teresa Giudice
Still waiting to go on stage... 
View behind the camera 
I soon put on the dress and remained in the conference room where I was told Jonathon Brandmeier was interviewing Teresa Giudice - from Housewives of New Jersey. COOL! We were to come out while she was being interviewed, our outfits would be described and we'd move through the studio and out. That sounds easy enough!
Here they are discussing my outfit
A male dog wearing a dress?  Why not?
I do look cute!
Trying to sample Teresa Giudice's cookies!
A closer view
View inside the studio (right next door is the newsroom!)
Before we left Teresa said how cute I was and asked if she could get a picture with me. Someone took a photo of her holding me (but they haven't sent it to me yet). She was really, really nice. She did add me to her Twitter account - cool. As I walked out I bumped into a really nice man who shook my paw - his name was Bruce Wolf. We chatted for a couple of minutes then I was on my way to take off the little tutu. We then got called back in for a final photo and were told when the show would air. 

 Fun day for me!


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