Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Not My Finest Moment

As most of you know the Chicago area was hit with the canine flu outbreak quite hard. Veterinarians, groomers, dog parks, meetups and even dog shelters experienced closures because of it.  Thousands of dogs affected.  The virus could be present without symptoms and dog owners could have no way of knowing they were carrying the virus on their person (virus lives 48+ hours on clothing and surfaces).  Because of this, my activities with hospitals, libraries, Earth Day events and the LaGrange Pet Parade were cancelled.  A flu vaccine became available, but it was not certain that it could help the two separate strains of the virus.  What was known was that dogs that got the vaccine would have a a shorter time span of sickness (if they became ill) and better chance of healing/feeling better sooner.  And of course, I got lucky and had the great misfortune fortune and opportunity to get the flu vaccine. I learned that dogs who had never had the vaccine before had to receive two.  Yes TWO!  The first vaccine, then two weeks later, a booster shot.  Lucky for me, I have a Momma who likes to torture care for me in every possible instance.  She stalled a bit before taking me because she was worried about the side effects of the vaccine.  After the first vaccine, she stalled again because she was worried about how it could affect me.  Fortunately no side effects (that we know of) came about and I am in pretty good health so far (no flu!).  Sadly, and clearly, I don't know why the staff there decided to take a photo of not my best moment.  I don't need to be reminded of the pain and suffering I went through.  But I understand that Momma wants to share the story and Dr. Goodmote agreed.  


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