Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

You make me happy.
Smile again.
Now you are happy too!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

1st Day on Vacation in Florida and...

...the rest of the world seeks out time by the lovely blue ocean during a sun filled day.  They want to see the beautiful blue waves comb the sandy beach.  They like the smell of the ocean and the sounds of all the waves crashing in.  

As for me vacationing means extra fluffy blankets. I want to swim in a sea of utter fluffyness.  I like to hide between the fluffness keeping warm and only peeking through when the swirling aroma of treats reach the perimeter of the fluffyness oasis.  

View from the balcony

Swimming in a sea of utter fluffyness!

Happy Birthday to my daddy James!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hanging Out With My Friends from South Suburban Chihuahua

Today we had a meetup at K9 Tailshakers.  Several of my chihuahua friends were there.  K9 Tailshakers provides training, dog day care and spa services.  I finalized my training and tested for my therapy assist dog certification there.  They  have a very clean and well kept facility with outstanding staff.   It is not St. Patrick's day yet, but I got all dressed up to celebrate.  After all, my daddy is Irish - don't you know?!

Some of us are trying to sleep!


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Reading With Kids At The Library

You did not know that I am part of the Tail Waggin' Tutoring Program? 

As a Therapy Assist Dog I get to have kids read to me in libraries.  No treats required.   

Kids who are shy readers or would like to improve their reading skills sign up to read.  I listen (sometimes I get sleepy), I don't correct them and I pay attention. 

Did you know Tufts University did a study where it was found that kids who read to dogs have an increase in their reading skills?  

Therapy Dog reading Links: 
Tufts University Study    
ABC News - Dogs Help Kids Read

Below are a few recent photos of me at the Crestwood Library with my friend Birdie.  I love when kids pick books about dogs!
I love reading with kids!

Strike a pose!

Birdie and me


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