Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WW: Free DogTv & Sneak Peek!

Free DogTV during Thanksgiving Week!

DogTV is free  - plenty of opportunity to check out all the excellent programs geared towards dogs.  Grateful for DogTV's mission to keep dogs entertained, happy and healthy!

I also had opportunity to see their sneak preview video for Dogsgiving on DOGTV - find me at :38... I am also on two other seconds or so  (goes by quickly) - can you find me?

Post by DOGTV.

Monday, November 24, 2014

About Thanksgiving

Looking forward to Thanksgiving in a few days.  Thinking about folks in nursing homes that can use a short visit and small conversation.  If you are looking for things to do this week - even for just a little while - think about visiting a nursing home and just having a chat with the residents.  Sometimes a little conversation will just make their day.  A lot of them don't have families who visit and are grateful for your time.  Contact local nursing homes to see who has activities or are in need of a visit or two. Sometimes you can even bring your dog to lift their mood - just ask.  WOOF!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Letter

My recent visit to Hines VA allowed me to see one vet who was nearing end of life. I was told that the gentleman's biggest happiness he had in life was a little dog. One of his last wishes was to spend time with one. And so it was that when we went to visit the VA for a group in the activity center we had a special request.  We did not know about this man prior to arriving.  The veteran was happy beyond words and it was clear that visiting him brought him great joy, and us leaving left him much sadness. We received a letter this week informing us that he passed the day after my visit. That my visit brought him great happiness and was an important and uplifting experience for him. So very kind of them to write me, I am touched beyond words. I will never forget him.

 Until we meet again someday... find a good spot in the sun and let it warm your face. I'll be thinking of you when I look up and let it warm mine


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

WW: Getting Fit with ReelPaws, K9 Fit Club and DogTv

We were called upon ReelPaws Productions to film some pilot episodes for K9 Fit Club which will air on DogTv.  ReelPaws Production is a Chicago based production company who specializes in filming animals for videos, television, advertising and marketing materials.   K9 Fit Club  focuses on pet and human partner fitness to help both dogs and their owners lose weight and stay fit.  I was excited to have been included in this project and as DogTv subscriber am looking forward in seeing this program happen because I think it will encourage fitness in dogs and their owners.  My Momma used to be a fitness trainer many moons ago and feels that it will also encourage her and her friends to work out with their doggies.  Plus, we've recently learned that K9 Tailshakers  has started a K9 Fit Club within their facility - we are excited because this is the facility where our Chihuahua group meets on a monthly basis - how cool is that?   

Check out all the cool photos taken of us.  
Michael (left, in red top) is a certified trainer and held me for the third episode.
Penny Warring (right, in blue top) is the COO of K9 Fit Club. 

Joanie, (left) worked with me on the fourth episode.
Tricia Montgomery (middle, in red) is the founder of K9 Fit Club.


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