Saturday, August 31, 2013

Good Advice

I was reading Dip Dip & The Bridge's blog and I found once again I was happy to see some random sketches they made.  They reminded my Momma about how she used to sketch more often and with a busy life getting in the way - things that brought her joy (besides me, heh, heh) -- seemed backed into a corner. Now Momma admits that she is not a good 'sketcher' (not by any means) to compare to Dip, Elliot and Bridge's Momma - who is undoubtedly extremely talented (painting and making Mini Mes too!) - but - it's like she told a friend not too long ago...
They were talking about how Momma and Daddy like to Karaoke in the living room sometimes until 1am - just for fun.  And the friend said they hated singing because they were so very, very bad at it.   Momma and Daddy reminded the friend that one doesn't have to be 'good at something' to enjoy doing it.  The fun is in the 'journey' sort of speak.  Singing even if you are terrible, sketching - even if you can't draw, dancing - even if you look like a  chicken.  The point is to enjoy life, the little things, the big things, on the way there, and on the way back and when there's nothing left, enjoy the memory of how good you felt while doing them.  And when my Momma drew this of me, she enjoyed it and felt good about it.

Thanks Dip, Bridge and Elliot's Momma for reminding us to stop, breathe and enjoy.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: I Met A Girl...

I went to a party in the city.... 
Met a few cute girls...
Made a new friend...
A  fluffy gray poodle wanted nothing to do with me...wouldn't even let me take her picture...
guess it's time to go...
That's ok.  I still had fun.
Next time, fluffy gray poodle girl... next time.... 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Dog Fight!

Can you caption what Weasel may have been thinking while watching Daisy and I play?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

August is Senior Pets Month - Meet Weasel!

My big brother Weasel will be 13  years old in December 2013!

  Weasel was around before I was born.  Weasel was rescued by my parents in early 2001 after they visited the Anti Cruelty Society.  Weasel was thrown out in a plastic bag by the side of the road.  He was taken to the shelter and adopted only to be returned three times.  During the third time my pawrents were walking in when they found a woman crying as she was returning him.  They asked why he was being returned and she said her sister kept kicking him.  Immediately, my Momma's heart gave way and melted for the four month old aussie/sheltie/chow mix.  They asked to adopt him but were told he had to be quarantined.  Four days later they brought him home and named him Weasel.  They already had a Border Collie (Ethel) a Maltese (Roxy) and a Sheltie (Captain Nemo).  They took Weasel home and soon learned that he had a very difficult time controlling his bladder.  He would pee all the time.  They decided to purchase a crate to train him and let him out several times a day - many, many times a day!  The first night they put bedding in the crate and soon found that was a bad idea - Weasel wet everything! He was soaked and needed a bath.  A couple of nights later, they just put newspapers and a water bowl - bad idea - Weasel was again soaked, the cage needed cleaning, and so did Weasel.  After 3 days and nights of repeated baths, it was decided  that no water and no newspapers would be in the crate (big lesson here). And with all these failures and waiting for Weasel to wake up without being soaked, he finally learned not to pee where he slept.  A month later he was going out with the other dogs, and no more wetting the crate.  Weasel was soon allowed to sleep in the bedroom on a dog bed like all the other dogs.  He is good with other dogs, children and people.  He plays frisbee and is the sweetest kindest dog ever.  He is also great with us chihuahuas and became a 'surrogate dad' to  my rescued brother Monkey.  
Weasel plays with Monkey and Me earlier this summer.
 Even though he has serious arthritis on his legs and does not move as he used to, he continues to try and play with me and little Monkey in the yard.  He chases us and we chase him back.  Sometimes my pawrents will throw a toy and Weasel will take it and make us chase him.  He plays tug of war with us but always lets us win.  He is a very good loyal dog who has been a good friend to Ethel, Roxy, Nemo and our 21 year old cat Hobie (who have all passed).  Recently, we had to take Weasel to the vet because he started bothering his leg again and could not leave it alone.  It was raw from all the licking and though they initially thought it was a hot spot, we were told it was actually a lick granuloma.  He was given small dosages of meds because of his age.  The doctor said he wanted to stay away from giving steroids to dogs over six years old so he limited what Weasel was given.  We also sprayed him with bitter apples in hopes he would not bite through the leg dressing. It has taken several months but he is leaving it alone again.  It appears he goes through cycles of bothering his leg different times of year. We are crossing our paws that he will leave it alone this time forever.  Weasel is a true senior dog who in spite of having had difficult beginnings, shaky arthritic legs, hearing loss and a bunch of crazy chihuahuas around him, he still is friendly and loving.  We hope Weasel will continue to have fun with us for years to come!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday (again): Meeting Mini Me & Mini Me Too!

Are we there yet?
Finally - It was hot in there!
Piranha:  Hello!  And who are you?
Mini Mes:  Hello Piranha! We're your Mini Mes from across the pond!

Piranha:  Please wait here for me, don't move!
Mini PB#2: I don't know what Piranha is thinking!
Mini PB#1: Leaving us out there in the heat!
Birdie Mini Me: I say we go take a picture near the lovely flowers!
Birdie Mini Me:  All this waiting is making me tired!
Mini PB #2:  Let's go!
Mini PB #2: No one is opening the door!
Mini PB #1:  I know - Let's ring the doorbell!

Mini Mes:  Piranha, we've been waiting outside for quite some time.  We are
very tired from our travels from across the pond and need to take a nap!

PB: would be happy to let you stay forever, as long as you promise
you won't eat all of my treats.
Mini Mes:  We Promise we won't eat any of your food.
Not one taste.  Not one bit. Not at all. 
PB: This is where I take a nap some afternoons.
Mini Mes:  We're gettting verrrry sleeeepy...Zzzzz...

I am sending a very big WOOF and special  thanks to Bridget, Dinah and Elliot's Momma for sending me 
these wonderful mini me friends.  Mini Me #1 (with the darker ears) will be doing hospital and nursing home therapy visits with me and helping me read with children.  Mini Me #2 will remain at home looking lovely on  the new leopard chaise my Momma and Daddy just bought. And Birdie Mini Me is a special friend for my best friend, the cocker spaniel, Birdie Girl.  I cannot wait until she meets her new friend.  
Thanks again Lynne - WOOF WOOF!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Wellness Honourable Mention!

I was recently mentioned in the wellness newsletter at my Momma's work. Wow.  Obviously, there is one tiny error (I don't have a talk show, I have a newspaper column) but no matter - it brings a positive message to people about how dogs can be part of people's wellness!  

I've Been Nominated - WOOF WOOF!

I am  excited to announce that I have been nominated for some exciting awards recently!

How exciting!  First of all I want to thank  and for the wonderful 'Versatile Blogger'  nomination and  for the 'Super Sweet Blogging Awards' nomination - how kind of you to think of little ol' me for such an generous awards - thank you!  

My chihuahua eyes are welling up with tears of joy.  I am honored!  Even more so to have an opportunity to nominate all the wonderful bloggers who provide me with informative and entertaining details on their daily lives.  I sometimes feel I should pay them  - so here I go - a tiny token, but nevertheless, a chance to thank them!

These lovely nominations each come with their own set of rules... so here I go:

Super Sweet Blogging Award Rules:
1 - Thank the blogger nominating you  - please see above!
2 - Include the award image on your blog  
3 - Answer five Super Sweet questions

      Cookies or Cake?  For me it's wheat-free carrot cake - YUM!
      Vanilla or Chocolate?  Vanilla! 
      What is your favorite sweet treat?  I love a lick or two of vanilla soft serve!
      When do you crave sweet things the most?  When we travel
       If you had a sweet name, what would it be? Marshmallow
4 - Nominate and notify a Baker's Dozen Sweet blogs for this award:
  • Add the Versatile Blogger award photo on a blog post 
  • Thank the person who presented you with the award and link back to him or her in your post 
  • Pass the award along to 15 favorite bloggers. Contact the chosen bloggers to let them know about the award


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