Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just figuring things out...

So finally we were able to fix the whole photo issue. It appears all we needed to do was minimize it to 85% proportions and that made a difference.

I thought about today - we went to a get together and I was brought to practice being with other people. About four different people held me and kept saying how good I was.

I am not sure what I was supposed to be good about - since they were holding me. There really wasn't anywhere to go. The only scary part was that two of the people who held me where continuously trying to kiss me - hard to get used to that. One might have even put lipstick on me. The woman said that I had a kissable little face. The man kept saying that I was gentle and soft - and another little boy mentioned how sweet I was. What did he expect me to do -? Bite him?

I was admiring the taco dip mom made that was on the table. She let me have a taste but that was it. I was starving! I should have taken a bigger bite. Next time - beware - WOOF!


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