Wednesday, January 24, 2018

WWW: Piranha's 11th Birthday Pawrty!

  This year we celebrated my 11th birthday with a few of my chihuahua friends.  A good host always ensures there is plenty of food and drink and that food is safe to eat.  My wheat free cookies and cake were no exception!   I took it upon myself to taste test the cookies before my pawrty! 
My Wheat Free Cookies arrived just in time! 

The Cake clearly reminded me in big letters that I was turning 11!
    Important to taste test the cookies, to ensure they are of good quality...

Taking a larger bite to ensure quality... 

This was quite the sacrifice!

    Then, it is important to ensure everything is in order at the venue - just testing the cake...
             Just another little taste...

                            Happy Birthday To Me!
Enjoyed taking a few licks of the cake with a little help from my friends (and no, it was just licks, they took it back and cut it up for 20 chihuahuas)
A little birthday kiss from a friend...
We even did a little dancing... chihuahua conga line!

My friends enjoyed playing together.

My friends Lil Bit, Wendy and Ruby are beautiful sisters.

My good friends Pita and Paco  - they also model and have been on TV - do you recognize them?

Just ensuring everyone is having a good time!

Just one more cookie - nom nom...

Last call?

Even I enjoyed a little chase play!



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