Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Howl O'Ween Party 2009

We had a Howl o' ween party on Saturday afternoon - and everyone was excited! I was even more excited because it was my very first one!

Last year we did not have one and people complained because they wanted us to dress up. I was an Angel last year and my sister Daisy was a purple monkey. It's funny now because initially, I was going to be a monkey and mom could not decide between that and and angel.

Then we adopted Daisy and it worked out - it was almost like it was made just for her. She looked really good in it. The weather was nice too - it was about 70 degrees.
Mom had never dressed up for Halloween and she took an old sheet and made holes (but they were uneven) so she could see. She stood outside passing out candy and scaring the neighbors - it was really funny! Daisy and I just watched everyone from the front door.
This year though, mom planned an elaborate party. Initially she wanted me to be a banana (hence my name) but then Target was out of the banana outfits and although she searched and searched - all they had were xsmall and mediums... and I needed a small.
No matter, at the very last hour mom went to pick up Daisy's birthday cake - and there, she saw a bumblebee outfit - guess what I was for Halloween? HA HA. Daisy though, was a pumpkin. She looked really cute.

We had birthday cake, a Halloween costume contest, a red carpet and stage and pizza. The professional photographers took photos of everyone. They donated all the time and all the money collected went to TLC animal shelter. I did not win the contest - Lola did - she was a bug (centipede). But still, it was fun to be there with all my friends. And then we sang happy birthday for Daisy - and we all got some cake.

Afterwards I was pooped! Daisy and I slept on the way home - it was a good day.


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