Monday, December 13, 2010

Disney World

Went to Disney World! We stayed at Animal Kingdom Resort and Polynesian Village. Had a great time! I went to all the parks and even got to go on a boat ride. Sad to be back home to the cold!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Love a Parade!

I went to Evanston's 4th of July Parade. I also made some new Chihuahua and people friends! Tito, Chica, Molly, Liloque and Daisy. I also met the Piccolo theater troupe! Had to leave a little early but I will never forget the funny costumes the Piccolo Theater troupe wore. Loved all the colors!

Monday, April 26, 2010


I know what you're thinking. "Hey Piranha - you've got this funny blog and you haven't added anything funny in a while."
You have a point, I have not because I've been lazy.
That's right - LAAAA-ZEEEE.
I have been maximizing my outdoors time and it's wearing me out. I learned a new trick - and that is to run around the backyard continuously as I am being chased. I can tell I've gained at least 1lb this winter. Lucky for me we are going to be doing a 5k very soon which will help me keep my round and furry figure. Sure, a pudgy, tubby chihuahua is not necessarily what everyone wants. In fact, someone recently said NO WAY I could be a chihuahua being this big! PHOOEY! They just have never seen a big boned chihuahua with a few extra winter pounds. In any case, I have nothing to prove. I've seen a lot of starving chihuahuas whose hind legs and belly sink into their thighs - they don't look robust or lovable, they look like if you hug them, you might break their bones! But I digress... I understand that I need to get in shape - I am walking more (a big plus), treats have been cut down (yay, carrots!) and playtime in the yard has increased by 80% - all good factors to chihuahua weight loss. I will still be huggable, lovable and adorable - every single day -WOOF!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Friends at the Nursing Home

I know what you are thinking - on earth? I went to the nursing and rehabilitation center last week again and made a lot of new friends. I did see some whom I did remember from the time before. We walked up and down the halls and into the separate rooms to meet all kinds of different people. Everyone was happy to see me. Some really enjoyed holding me and wanted me to stay with them. I also got to lay down next to two people on their beds. I love sleeping! I wish I could have stayed and slept.

Alas, a little dog's work is never done, on to meet other new friends for me.

One thing a lot of people told me was that my paws were really small. They look like normal paws to me. It seemed that almost every single person wanted to just hold my paws. It was as if I had magnets on them - all they wanted to do was hold and feel my paws. Some people touched all four, others just the top ones. I felt kind of funny because I thought maybe they wanted to trim my nails (that is NEVER going to happen!).

In one of the rooms we visited, I heard someone say, that the person was a veterinarian - that sounded slightly familiar -and then I remembered -- "NOoooooo - I am NOT going in there! I thought - this is just a ruse to get me to see the vet! "

I had little choice. We went in the room. All the vet said, "that is a nice looking dog."


That is it?


Aren't you going to check my ears, my tummy, listen to my heart?

Nope. Nope. Nope.

He just ignored me, really. Perhaps that was his plan. He continued talking while ignoring me there, just sitting...

...waiting for him to examine me.

I waited.


Soon we walked out and I realized nothing was going to happen.

This time.

I am going to keep a close eye on him next time - in case this is just a trick!



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