Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Jane, of course, is a fictional character. 

I have been quite busy my friends.  Unfortunately, Covid-19 has suspended my therapy dog activities in the community, but it has allowed me time to focus on spending more time with family and taking back some of my busy weekends.  It has even allowed me time to destroy this, this, blue mask which appears to have attacked lots of peoples' faces.

This isn't working for me

That was hot in there! (breathing heavily)
No uh, they're not making me wear this again... maybe if I pull here... 

Wow! This is not tearing!  What to do, what to do... 

This oughta do it!


Ugh!  Tastes nasty!  I did not know they made chihuahua proof masks!  Guess I'll have to wear it...
(maybe I can hide it someplace!)


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