Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Almost WW: Piranha Helps The Environment

Taking a little time to enjoy the warm weather I decided to
help the environment...

It appeared lots of 'helicopter' pods had invaded the area  -
sleuthed around to see if any damage like food or stinky spots were left...

Spent some time in the shade ensuring the flowers were doing their job
maintaining their proper scent and beauty...
Learned one was being invaded by giant ants.  Let this be a lesson for you nasty ants!
You  harass the flowers, "No Flowers For You!"

Took some time for low crawling practice to ensure the grass
was keeping itself nice, soft and properly hydrated..

No sense in leaving it dry and thirsty... gave it a little help!

It's been a  good hard working day protecting the environment - I've done my duty!


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