Wednesday, December 18, 2013

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: Steve Dale & Partners for Healthy Pets

Sometimes little doggies like me get lucky and meet some really important people who have made a big impact in other dogs' and cats' lives. I was fortunate to have had an opportunity to meet some of those people through an invitation from Blogpaws. Laura Colar was very gracious and made me feel welcome providing detailed information on what was to happen at the Partners for Healthy Pets event in Chicago. I even got to meet a very special  fellow blogger - Dolly the Doxie with whom I had plenty of opportunity to share some sniffs and a water bowl (sending Dolly a great big WOOF!). 
Dr. Tracey Hlede  &  Mr. Steve Dale  - can you tell I am star struck!?
Steve Dale, a well known Chicago pet expert, certified behaviour consultant, journalist, radio host, guest speaker, writer, my hero and someone who has truly made a difference in the dog and cat communities -- was the special speaker at the event.  Steve discussed the initiative to reduce preventable diseases in cats and dogs by encouraging owners to bring their pets to the vet for wellness exams. Veterinarians have noticed that pet owners have been waiting to take their dogs and cats to the vet until they see a change in behaviour or it is too late. Sadly, people waiting until the problems get worse or after they have exhausted asking friends, neighbors or doing internet research before seeing their veterinarians could make a difference between quality and length of life for an animal. 
Dr. Hlede explains the importance for wellness exams
I also met Dr. Tracey Hlede from the local Ridge Animal Clinic. Dr. Hlede performed a thorough exam on her chihuahua Sadie.  She explained why it was important to have thorough check ups and what veterinarians are looking for when performing these comprehensive wellness exams.
Dr. Tracey Hlede demonstrates a wellness exam on her chihuahua Sadie.
The Partners for Healthy Pets committee of healthcare professionals from the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. They look to help communicate, bring notice to and encourage regular vet visits and yearly wellness checkups. By bringing in your dog and cat for yearly wellness checks, you give your veterinarian opportunity to find any questionable issues or ailments and catch them early. As you now most of us doggies and kitties can't talk -- but we speak through our actions. The last time I was ill, I kept walking away to be by myself in another room and  stopped eating. My momma took me to the vet as soon as possible and we learned I had a little bit of stomach trouble. Thankfully, nothing serious. During the event,  we heard from another wonderful lady whose cat began to 'go' on her bed -- and this was a sign for her to take her cat to the vet. She learned her cat was quite ill and she was able to get him proper treatment.  Sadly, sometimes animals do not give any visible clues that they are ill, the more reason why you should bring your pets in for yearly wellness check ups. 

To learn more about Partners for Healthy Pets or for questions about what an annual checkup entails, needs veterinary referrals or would like to sign up to receive reminders for those yearly visits -- check out:

Mr. Steve Dale meets Sadie the Chihuahua (she's a cutie!)
Mr. Mike Grossman  he was first to greet me when I arrived!  Here I am giving him my card.
Mr. Steve Dale  invites audience participation. 

I even met a cute whippet girl named Rosie, who gave me a little kiss.  
Her momma is Crystal Alperin of the blog Parenting Without a Parachute.


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