Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Piranha's (and Daisy's) New Sofa!

My Momma bought two new chihuahua sized chaise sofas for different areas of the house.  We also have two dog pocket beds and a car bed around the house.  Plenty enough for three chihuahuas to find a place to relax or take a nap.  However...
Thanks for the chihuahua sized sofa Momma!

Sure is comfy! Zzzzz...

Oh no...


Daisy:  Do you mind if I lay here next to you?  Piranha: Not at all.

Piranha:  (Mind stare talking:  Momma! Do something!!)  

Daisy:  (smiling) So much cozier when we're together! Piranha:  (Save me - Momma, please!)

Piranha:  (Really Momma?  - she's got her own bed over there!)
Piranha: I'm getting sleeepy...Zzzzz   Daisy:  So am I...Zzzzz


  1. You are so good to Daisy, Piranha. I know if Misha had her own couch, she wouldn't share it with anyone.

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