Wednesday, July 27, 2016

WW: Wet Piranha Eats Hidden Carrot

I went for a swim in my chihuahua sized pool and Mama gave me a carrot when I came out of the water.  It is quite the special skill to eat a carrot without letting it fall out of one's mouth.  Watch me demonstrate my clever chihuahua carrot chewing skills - WOOF!

Photos by J. Garcia.

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  1. Impressive!!!!
    Mum wishes I could do that but I do send crumbs everywhere!!!(she doesn't appreciate the funs involved in hoovering them up afterwards!)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Very nice work. My sister would need to make a mess out of it, and I won't eat carrots. I spit them across the room.

  3. Wow, Piranha. You did a super job of eating that carrot; we never even saw it! :)

  4. Bentley LOVES baby carrots! I always buy him a bag at the store and he gets so happy when he sees them. Now, he just needs a pool. ☺

  5. Cute!! I wish Rita would learn to love carrots! I try hiding them in her food, but she spits them out! Beast

  6. Very nice work. Our pack are not great fans of carrots which is a shame!

  7. So adorable, thanks for the share!

  8. Clever Chihuahua! Mr. N refuses to eat carrots.


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