Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Tail of Woe

Here I wag my tail of woe, I miss my friends, I miss them all.  

I played with them in spring through fall.  We shared good times, and had a ball. 

This canine flu, just makes me mad, it took away the fun we had. 

I sense it now, the end is near... soon we'll all play, without one fear.

I cannot wait, until that day  -- the darned, mean flu, will go away.  

'Til then my friends and I will pray...  we soon run, woof, jump up and play.  


  1. Yes, the dog flu is nasty. The shelter that I volunteer with had to cancel its June walk because of the flu and another local shelter has had to close down temporarily because a few dogs are sick. Hopefully, it's gone soon.

  2. Very nice and very true. That flu is scary
    Lily & Edward


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