Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Magical Paws (er, Rubber Boots)

I've been visiting Sugar's blog for a bit now.  And I had admired her Pawz little rubber boots.  Thought about it and thought about it. Until recently, when I had to wear snow boots in the frigid cold weather.  Normally, when it is that cold, if I don't wear boots, I just stand by the door and freeze in place, essentially turning into a pup-sicle.  Hence the reason you saw my Momma making me wear snow boots (that mysteriously disappeared) to go out in a previous post.  Wearing them, I don't mind circling the wagon and I stay out long enough to 'go.'
However,  it got a little warmer (can't believe I am saying that!) and my Daddy shoveled a lot of the snow out of the way.  Momma took me to Petco pet store and decided to buy the Pawz rubber boots.  They are rubbery,  like balloons - only thicker - but she was able to stretch them.  She was a bit concerned that they would be too tight and cut circulation around my dankles (dog-ankles).  But she continued to check and sure enough, I wasn't trying to get them off or pull them off.  I basically ignored them on my feet when she put them on.

UNTIL...She let me walk with them in the back yard and then when I went in the house - I started running, bouncing, jumping, hiding like a little maniac - these were magic booties - I felt like Peter Pan! She really wanted me to give them a good try and I showed her,  I even fell asleep wearing them.  She thinks they look like little Mickey Mouse shoes - BOL!  Thanks Sugar!


  1. Great idea PB. Those will keep your paws safe from the snow. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Ha - they are brilliant! They are just like wellies for chihuahuas and great for the snow and rain.
    Dip and Elliot x

  3. I agree with look cute in those yellow boots :)

  4. OK, you look adorable! I love the color yellow on you too. I still want to try these things.


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