Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WW: My 102 Year Old Grandmother!

During my recent vacation to Puerto Rico, I spent time with my (Momma's) 102 year old grandmother. Grandma means Abuela (pronounced ah-boo-eh-lah) in Spanish.  She and I had a great time together and she even ordered told my Momma to feed me extra chicken and treats.  Abuela is very wise beyond her years -- and who can argue with a 102 year old? 
I think Abuela likes me - because Abuela grew up during a time where dogs were only meant to stay outdoors to protect the home.  Abuela had 9 children and 77 first generation grandchildren (there are also lots of  great and great-great grandchildren I am not accounting for!).  As far as I know, I am officially the only (grand) dog in Abuela's life she has ever held in her arms, fed rice and beans to and actually allowed inside her house.  Stay tuned for more photos from my Puerto Rican vacation!