Saturday, March 16, 2013

1st Day on Vacation in Florida and...

...the rest of the world seeks out time by the lovely blue ocean during a sun filled day.  They want to see the beautiful blue waves comb the sandy beach.  They like the smell of the ocean and the sounds of all the waves crashing in.  

As for me vacationing means extra fluffy blankets. I want to swim in a sea of utter fluffyness.  I like to hide between the fluffness keeping warm and only peeking through when the swirling aroma of treats reach the perimeter of the fluffyness oasis.  

View from the balcony

Swimming in a sea of utter fluffyness!

Happy Birthday to my daddy James!


  1. Where in Florida did you visit, Pirahna?

    Christie from (in Orlando)

    1. Hi Christie - I am currently in Ft. Lauderdale then traveling to Marco Island... can't wait for more fluffyness! WOOF!


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