Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Letter

My recent visit to Hines VA allowed me to see one vet who was nearing end of life. I was told that the gentleman's biggest happiness he had in life was a little dog. One of his last wishes was to spend time with one. And so it was that when we went to visit the VA for a group in the activity center we had a special request.  We did not know about this man prior to arriving.  The veteran was happy beyond words and it was clear that visiting him brought him great joy, and us leaving left him much sadness. We received a letter this week informing us that he passed the day after my visit. That my visit brought him great happiness and was an important and uplifting experience for him. So very kind of them to write me, I am touched beyond words. I will never forget him.

 Until we meet again someday... find a good spot in the sun and let it warm your face. I'll be thinking of you when I look up and let it warm mine



  1. That is such a beautiful story. No doubt you bring such joy to the people you visit. Thanks for all that you do and happy Thanksgiving. Be safe. X Susie and Kilo

  2. Very kind of you to say Susie and Kilo. It was a very special day for me after the visit with the vet. What's most interesting is that meeting him was unexpected, it was as if, we were meant to be there that particular day, and just for him. I am glad we were there.


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