Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Importance Of Leaving a Trail of Sunshine...

One of the most important jobs for a therapy dog to do is to make a therapy visit a positive one.  When I visit, I am often asked to sit by someone, or on their lap, or their bed or on a barrier.  A lot of times I just give a high five if I am not able to sit with them (or they don't want me to).  As far as the rest of the family, just a shake of the paw or a high five will do. But something happens when I visit.  People want to share things with me.  Their condition, what they are going through.  Their illness, outcome, or visits they have or not received from family or how much they miss their dog or long gone family pet or the dread of another doctor or nurse interrupting rest for more tests. People share a lot with me.  I promptly choose to forget those things and keep my mouth shut or close my ears in order to respect their privacy (and of course, the law).  But something I cannot ever, never forget - are their tears.  Tears are what bring me there.  The happy ones, the sad ones, the all telling ones that need no words. They are the reason that during some visits I am so overwhelmed with a hopeless warm good feeling  and wonderment.  The touches and extra scratch behind my ears, are there to thank me.   But I thank them, because they have reminded me once again that life can be short and fleeting, and that enjoying every bit of it while here and making the best of it is what it is about.  Too short to be worried about what everyone is doing or not or any of that mundane stuff that is small but becomes a tempest in a teacup because we make it so.  All those little things are soon forgotten when the road is narrowing and one is weak.  And then one thinks, why not just enjoy it, take it in, and breathe.  See where it leads me? There are days when we go about town and Momma would look at the clear skies with fluffy clouds and say this quote from the bible - which goes something like this (more or less) "...this is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it."  And I understand that.  One does not have to 'believe' to understand that loving life and enjoying it and being glad for every nicety and every little good thing that comes our way leaves a further trail of happiness in our lives.  And so, those tears of joy to see me - if not for just a few moments of happiness for the person who is ill, for their family - it means the world to me. And enough to keep me happy and smiling that I could bring this little ray of sunshine, this little tiny bit of blue sky with fluffy clouds in someones life.
Enjoying the sunshine on my belly!
Though a previously published photo of me - it makes perfect sense.


  1. We so like that PB, the though of you leaving a trail of sunshine. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Bet you bring lots of smiles to everyone
    Lily & Edward


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