Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WW: Royal Mail For Captain Piranha Banana!?

Received a letter stamped Royal Mail... 
 I know its for me,  there's no other tail

Royal Mail, Royal Mail,   
did the Queen mean, Royal Male?

Is it tasty,  
is it meat?  
Is it a good and wholesome treat?

Give me something Royal Mail -- If it's not good, I will just wail!

Want to know what's in the mail? 

Come back tomorrow without fail!  ;o)

Update:  We had lost our camera which we found this past week... more to follow!

First, to apologize for the very long delay - as we lost our camera :( 
So I promised a photo of what was in my Royal mail.... 
besides that lovely bandana and stamp from the Queen?!  Well I won a lovely cartooned key ring with my likeness from Tweedles auction made by Mollie and Alfie.  They asked that I send photos of the front, sides and back of my head so they could create a 'mini me' of my head... and here it is! 
Though I am not all that amused that it was placed on my head for comparison - I can appreciate the lovely workmanship and how well it resembles me. I love it!  What do you think?