Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WW: The Biggest Chihuahua Ears You've Ever Seen!

My Momma and Daddy have both been sick with all kinds of flus and viruses that are going around.  So she hasn't been keeping up with my blog. A likely story. Ahem! But my puppy pictures always seem to cheer them up!  Momma and Daddy - here are my photos from the first day you brought me home:
Momma and Daddy had just returned from their trip to Hawaii.  That is why my Daddy is so tan (not to mention 
the dirty shirt 'cause he just finished doing some work).
This literally was my first time outside, ever.
I found a leaf to have fun with and grass too - in March!  Can you believe it?
Wanting to come back inside the house. Puppy cries and sniffles.
I  know, I know! I have the biggest chihuahua ears you've ever seen!
The better to 'hear' you with!